Monday, June 3, 2013

Dad's Day

"Behind the power-curve, let's press-on (as in we're on a road trip when I have to pee but he wants to keep driving) love you more, I'm so proud of you..."

These are some of the phrases I heard growing up, from a dad who chose to raise me.  What was he thinking??? I guess I was a cute kid. This was a dad who made me to camp, go to Disneyland and watch him and papaw chop wood and watch KungFu on Saturdays.  He subjected me to hours of John Wayne westerns but he watched Golden Girls with me sometimes too.  He funded my violin, voice, dance and piano lessons and finally told me to settle down and focus on "one" thing for awhile.  Unfortunately at the time that "one interest" was acting and focus, I did!  He also encouraged finishing college and having a "back-up" career plan.  Well he may have been on to something with that advice:)  He gave so much and worked so hard to take care of us, and I'm so grateful!  He set the bar pretty high for what a dad "should" be.

And then one day when I was a grown up, I met someone that kind of reminded me of him.  He was loyal and kind and liked to fix things for me.  I didn't realize at the time that I'd be making him into a "Dad" one day.  I guess it was really Henry who did that.  Alex is already a dad that Henry looks up to, does projects with, plants gardens with and watches Mythbusters with.  This morning we made pancakes for him and Alex gave Henry a ride in his new wheelbarrow and soon they'll be assembling the "present" we got him.

I'm lucky to have these two guys in my life.  They both continue to lift heavy things for me and subject me to t.v. shows that I don't enjoy.

Love you guys:)

Happy Father's Day!

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